Thursday, June 25, 2009

yesterday's rain came today

today, i jumped over puddles. puddles formed by rain that finally fell on the city, the city that yesterday anticipated a deluge, cancelling today's classes, taking down billboards, closing windows, urging everyone to be home by nine. we looked at our watches and waited, looking up the sky, feeling the wind--where is it? any form of precipitation would do, as long as it came.

later, when images of rain actually made me look forward to the city being submerged (because along with it would come the probability of passing the time with coffee and conversation), i saw the clouds leaving, scurrying from the city, refusing to let the rain replicate lights on pavements, leaving the night as it is--dry, like our mouths post-beer.

today, i jumped over puddles, each time hoping the next rain-pool would reflect you.

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