Wednesday, July 8, 2009

short lists

for today,

i'd like to do more:
  • film photography
  • anthropology-related reading
  • conceptual art
  • walking
i'd like to finally start:
  • anthro & aesthetics paper abstract
  • my thesis (ha ha ha)
  • shaping up for fieldwork
i'd like to learn:
  • printmaking
  • metal sculpting
i'd like to eat:

  • katipunan ave. japanese sweet corn
  • jamaican patty-spicy beef+iced tea
i'd like to watch:
  • where the wild things are
  • up
  • coraline
things i've done today:

  • printed out photos of a water pump & an activity calendar
  • e-mailed some information about our office to the office beside ours
  • uploaded new photos to the thursdaykids photoblog

things i'd like to do right now, in order:

  • teleport
  • rescue
  • sleep

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