Thursday, November 19, 2009

our early Christmas giveaway

Last Sunday, my family bade the puppies, now a month and a half old, goodbye--it was adoption time. The pups (a cross between a part-Golden Retriever mom and a Yellow Lab dad) have already been dewormed and given their first shots. Their 'adoptive parents' are relatives and friends of ours, people we know would take care of them well.

Keeping them all was out of the question, since the 7 boy puppies and 1 girl puppy would surely cause mayhem as they grow up (dogpoop, dogbaths, dogfights and all), not to mention the amount of food that they would consume would surely be thrice as much. So it was decided that we would just keep the girl puppy, temporarily called Pink (that was the yarn color tied around her for identification). Not that she needed any of course, because she was the only one with the different uh, anotomy. :)

Nanny Rox saying goodbye to her babies.

The puppies eat their last meal together as Miel looks on, wearing the new slippers Tito Ige gave her. :)

Miel's special puppy delivery!

My bff Susa became a puppy parent that day--here's her aww-some entry about her new baby!

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Mia said...

Such cute puppies! Ganda pala ng cross ng Golden retriever at labrador :)