Monday, November 23, 2009

St. Thomas, illustrated

shouldn't it be "a UST CFAD Adveritising Arts Graduate"? consonant sound on a vowel="a". (heheheh)

(Intro note: I'm posting this without the knowledge of my pare/boyfriend/co-thursdaykid/labidabs Ige. I'm sure he'll find out soon anyway. :P)

Ige was one of the artists who contributed to Fr. Aureada's book on St. Thomas. After submitting his work last May he had not heard from anyone involved in the book, and I don't think he was really interested. His mom and I were more 'interested' in whether he ought to have his own copy as compensation, or a small sum for his efforts. He shrugged the questions all off. He didn't want a copy for his birthday, and I'm sure he wouldn't want one for Christmas, either. Practical kid, that one. :)

Anyway, since I was *interested* in how Ige's illustrations came out and I wasn't content on simply browsing the hard-bound glossy coffeetable book, I got a copy of my own. It's about our university's patron saint anyway, and I've come to realize that I know so little about St. Thomas Aquinas' life, even if I've been in UST for more than ten years already. We had Aquinas-related teachings in our philosophy and theology subjects though (of course!).

The book is available from the UST Publishing House. A discounted price of Php 1250 is given to Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, and Fr. Aureada's grad school students. I got my copy care of our Father Vice-Rector for Religious Affairs (thank you Fr. Deng & Ma'am Annie!). The regular price is two thousand pesoses.

So there. The book I will share with Tita Aggie, and if Ige wants to have a look, he can borrow from us anytime. :)

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