Wednesday, December 30, 2009

before the year ends


i haven't been posting anything here lately. i think i've become too easily distracted, out of focus, and i can't say anything longer than a paragraph. so i think i'll just list down some stuff (see? i can't even think of a 'better' word!) and recent goings-on that i want to note before it's 'next year' already. so, here goes.

1) our high school barkada's get-together pushed thru last night (the 29th) at oyster boy araneta center (sans susa, bart, and eliza). dash had a new (very, very short) haircut (the bf disapproves). bogs arrived with his dear, mich showed up clamoring for rockefellers, and i had my first beer in months. ige had a little exchange with bogs about some people they both vaguely remember from lourdes. hahaha.

probably because oysters don't look good on the ceiling.

2) today's my sister carla's 20th birthday (okay that made me feel really old). her bestie dropped by and gave her an ice cream cake, the mom made spaghetti and salad, and we also had some pizza we bought from sbarro earlier. welcome to carb-a-lot.

3) christmas day came and went. ige & i were talking about how the christmas spirit seemed "late", and even considered wanting the day itself to just pass so we could move on.

4) my niece miel likes fridge magnets very, very much.

5) i've been posting most of my single/miscellaneous photographs over at tumblr to save blogspot space.

6) two notably awesome christmas presents i got were from ige and his mom. i badly needed a 'real' watch and i received a very cool one that's water-resistant and that lights up! purrfect. also, ige never fails to surprise me with his amusing christmas creativity. i now have a wooden bust of him, a grinning ige with a cat on his head. now i can 'honk' his chin any time i want. heehee.

no, that is not a ponytail.

and he got my wink!

7) aside from the digicam ('introduced' in the previous post) i got myself a portable drive (finally!), a murakami short fiction collection, hydrocultured little plants (i plan to bring one to the office and put it over my desk) and a betta twin tank kit with two gwapo fishies named castor (dark blue) and pollux (crimson).

8) ige and i to the highest maximum level with four thumbs up recommend tostitos chips with the creamy spinach dip.

9) ige's newest discovery was a uni pin tech pen that has a .05 tip. that's very, very fine. i wonder what he'll come up with.

10) and last on the list: 2009 has been a good year for me, with the right mixture of highs and lows (meaning more highs than lows, hahaha). my wish for 2009 came true, and though i don't really have a wish for 2010 just yet, i'm actually looking forward to another year, whatever it brings. i hope it's another good year for everyone too. :)

we love cheese, and we're suckers for it too. happy holidays everyone!


Gerome Soriano said...

nakakatuwa naman un octopus sa kisame. ehhehe

lauren said...

@Gerome Soriano
oo nga, hehehe. sana may pusit din :D