Monday, January 4, 2010

new year blues

fact: i didn't send out "happy new year!" greetings this year. my new year has been more negative than positive, to be honest. completely different from christmas. these are the main reasons:

- my misplacing someone else's stuff and not being able to replace them
- my eviction from my comfort zone (the living room) and subsequent lack of sleep (due to the noise of household activities)
- the untimely death of castor & pollux (pugi & 2t have taken their spot in the betta tank), leading to the letting out of my bottled-up anger
- my being relocated to somewhere i don't like (in a room that the sun never visits, is farthest from fresh air, and is nearest to the noisy hub in the early mornings)
- the feeling of not belonging anywhere and being excluded
- my bad side just keeps showing up--and i am very, very good at sarcasm.

the new year (so far) has certainly not been in my favor.

on a positive note of reflection: yeah yeah, it's still too early to tell how the rest of the year will go, and the emotional challenges that have bombarded me this early are a good source of life's lessons i should put into good use from now on to become a better person.

i can't believe how corny i sound.

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