Monday, November 1, 2010

i love film cameras, part two

Let me introduce you to a couple of old ladies.

Half-frame cameras are cute, fascinating, and they take twice the amount of pictures as full-frame cameras! My Pens' meters have gone quite wonky but they still work.  The EE-2, fondly called Li'l Blush, has taken a lot of fun pictures!

Right now both ladies have gone to retire, but the half-frame legacy continues with their great-great granddaughter twice removed, the Diana Mini:

hello! i take square shots too!

The Diana Mini is so small it really looks like a toy.  Speaking of toys, here are other toy-ish cameras!

the red camera has a built-in filter with penguins (characters from a cartoon?) and the black one is simply labeled "Micky".  The black one has a working hotshoe, so it's really cool.

Hmm, what's next? How about the Kodak Advantix F300? 

It uses APS film which is still widely available, and it's so easy to use--just pop in the cartridge and you're ready to shoot!  The Advantix was given to me and my brother one Christmas, and it still worked the last time I used it, which was three years ago during Lomomanila's Grand EB at Red Box in Greenbelt.

Speaking of Lomomanila, here is the camera "that started it all":

the Holga 120N!  

Yep, that's the camera that got me started in Lomography.  I love taking photos with the Holga, and I'm glad there's still 120 film around.

Onward to more lomographic goodies!
The Fisheye 2.  It needs to go to Mang Dong's camera shop to have its film loading mechanism repaired.  I miss taking photos with it. :(

And we have here the Lomo LC-A.  It's what I've wanted for so long, and finally I got it this year.  :) My 2009 Christmas bonus went into its purchase, so it better not need to visit the repair shop anytime soon, hehe.

Christmas?  Did I just say Christmas?  Well, one of my cameras was a cool Christmas gift from a very special Santa Claus.
ige made this pinhole "catcam" for me.  <3
I haven't taken a decent roll with it but I'll try again soon.  

Part two is done!  Part three to follow after dinner!  :)

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