Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wish wish wish

because Christmas nears.   At the start of the year I was able to give myself a few *big* items that I had wished for: an external drive, a Lomo LC-A camera, and a take-anywhere digicam, a Lumix FS4 that, according to Mervin who borrowed it for our Lopez Museum gig, "takes pretty pictures."  I really shouldn't call it a wishlist anymore since I end up buying the stuff myself anyway, haha.

So what am I "wishing" for this year?

a cute little bike with a basket so I can do this:

minus the red bow, though.  But I do would like to have
(another) external drive, this time a Seagate FreeAgent Go 500gb.  I'll use it as my stay-at-home backup, while my current WD drive would be my take-anywhere big drive.  I have a lot of photos, heheh.  And I'm sure I'll have a lot more, since I also want to digitize our old photos.  And so I would like to have my own
flatbed scanner that's good in photo-scanning, and with slide-scanning capabilities.  This is the Canon CanoScan 8800F, reviewed to be the best for the task.  Canon Philippines sells it for just P11,500.00 (cough, cough).  The CanoScan 5600F is cheaper though, at almost P9,000.00, with almost the same features (they just differ in physical specs and software bundle size, almost no difference at all in picture quality).  If I will have my own flatbed scanner though, I will also need

a sturdy enough desk and some shelves for my books, cameras, and other stuff.  Good luck with the shelf part though.  But I do seriously need a

bookshelf. Oh well.  Lemme look for a shelf space first.
Of course, camera food is also on my wishlist!

rolls and rolls of film.
Hmm, what else?  Oh yeah, music stuff.  I love my little Creative Zen Stone 2gb mp3 player because it can fit in the smallest of pockets and also accompany me on morning jogs; however sometimes I do want to not have to pick which songs would be the 'chosen ones' because player space is limited.  How about a media player with a bigger storage, say,
the Creative Zen X-fi?
Are you wondering when a camera will be listed here?  I'm wondering too.  As of now, I'm happy with what I have.  :) 
That's it (so far).  Notebooks and writing materials will always be on my list, I think, but I don't have anything in particular that I want.  Maybe some brown fountain pen ink?  Haven't decided, really.  Perhaps I'll make another wishlist post when I get to thinking more about the happiness of my *material* life.

World peace.

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Anonymous said...

My wishlist:

Voigtlander Bessa

canon Fl 55mm f 1.2