Monday, November 15, 2010

testing the Tip-Wic

Hi! In a previous blog post I wrote about how I got lucky winning TAO's Tip-Wic.  Last week I got it from Leigh (thanks, Leigh!), and after a few hectic days with the Lopez Museum exhibit, I finally got around to actually opening the package and testing it.

The Tip-Wic came with a very aww-some note from TAO:

He was so kind to also give me a Platinum Preppy!

The Tip-Wic package includes the pen/marker, a cartridge of black Parker ink, and a converter.

Here is a close-up of that Porosyn tip:

And here is the cap:
Don't let the shiny metallic sheen fool you.  Even when posted, the pen is very light!

So.  The first thing I did was to test the converter--I had a bottle of black Parker Quink waiting.
Unfortunately I couldn't get it to fill up aerometrically.  I was thinking maybe it's because the tip itself is very dry, and needs more dipping & wetting for the ink to flow through it freely.  So I borrowed a converter from my Parker Jotter and put it in.  Wet from the inside, the ink made its way to the tip.
The Tip-Wic can write three ways, producing fine, medium, or broad lines, depending on how you hold the pen and angle it on paper.  I like that a lot, because it means you can vary your handwriting.  :)  And because it's very light, it's easy to control and lift up from the paper, so "feathery" writing is feathery.

Text Test finished!

I also tried using a cartridge with the pen.  Since I didn't want to use the one provided with the package (it might not be 'liquid' enough anyway, and as you can see below, it looks too awesome to be used. Heheh.), I used a more 'contemporary' Quink cartridge.
top to bottom: converter; cartridge that came with the pen; and a 'newer' Quink cartridge.

Tip-Wic test #2 involves sketching. I like the pen being able to produce different line widths, and it really does glide easily across the paper (Canson sketch pad here).

Does Super Corporate Pig look like an actor you know?  :P

And that's it for the initial test!  I'll give updates as the Tip-Wic and I cruise along.  :)


fortuitous faery said...

"Surprisingly Scary Swine" sounds super! (I just added a lot more "s" words there. :P)

You are a pen geek! Yes you are! :P

firewomyn said...

i love pens! and notebooks too :) i like your doodles :)

lauren said...


thanks! i hope you have a great new year full of pens & notebooks then :)