Monday, April 25, 2011

easter sunday afternoon walk

aside from the easter celebration, yesterday was also the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (it's held during the last sunday of april, i've just learned).  since i had nothing planned in the afternoon, i decided to take photos using the pinhole camera ("catcam") that ige made for me.  i've shot only one roll with it since 2008 and i did say i wanted to try again.  the photo below is from that first roll.  this is the "ooh, there's an image!" shot.  it's the tree in our atrium.

so yeah, i wanted to try again, and what better opportunity was there than the golden easter sunday afternoon slash worldwide pinhole photography day that's so perfectly laid out before me?  (whew that was a long sentence!)  i got some of my dad's electrical tape (using up a third of it) to double-seal the film box and prevent any lightleaks from coming in (which might cause overexposure, like what likely happened above).  after sealing, i put fresh film in, closed the box, and crossed my fingers.

oh ye photography gods, please please let there be images on my film.  as a plan b, i borrowed my mother's digital camera.

"what's that?" she pointed to catcam.  a pinhole camera, i answered.

my mother was in great doubt, and had a lot of questions.  i answered as simply as i could ("it has a hole instead of a lens"), and i hope i made her understand why there was so need for a viewfinder and focusing.

"how do you know when the picture is there?"  well, you just follow the instructions on exposure time, i said.  actually it's more of hoping, hoping, and more hoping that what you did was enough for a decent exposure.

"it's a toy," she said.  i smiled.  she says the same for almost all of my cameras.

i went out and took a walk in our subdivision.  last saturday on my jog-walk, i was awed at how beautiful the trees were in the early morning light, and i made a note to bring a camera the next time.  the trees have a different drama in the afternoon sun though, but they were still worth taking photos of!

while i'm waiting for my pinhole shots to be processed (hoping, hoping, crossing my fingers, and hoping again), let me share with you the plan b/digital photos.

 one of my favorite trees is this fire tree.  there are a few early blooms--it'll be flaming red soon!

males doing something with the ring at the basketball court.  i don't really know why they didn't just get a stepladder.

 another favorite is this acacia tree, which is at its loveliest during summer mornings.


roof tiles

 a baby yellow flame tree.

 the closest i can come to living on a meadow.  that's not my house though.

 this is a kapok tree.  it's in "bloom" right now--the seed pods have popped and the fluffy cotton-like seeds are all over the street.  it looks like it's snowing--so pretty!

 the colonel's dogs out for a walk.

 a kapok seed clump.

 kapok on the grass.

 another fire tree in the afternoon--notice the early bloom?  it's there at the lower right corner.

 watering the plants.

the little park where i run.

a sleeping arthur when i got back home.

and that's about it for now.  i hope you all had a meaningful week.  :)


witsandnuts said...

I've recently bought a subjektiv (4 in 1) lens and one of which is for the pinhole effect. I'm yet to try it. Too late to participate in the pinhole day!

lauren said...

Oh but you can still participate--it's been extended for a week :) And you can take photos anytime you like anyway :D I think that's a pretty cool lens kit. Would love to see your pinhole shots soon! :)