Friday, April 15, 2011

friday sketch

the view from our pantry slash conference room slash stockroom: the backside of the san martin de porres (medicine) building.

if there's one visual art form i wish i were good at (well aside from photography), it would have to be sketching.  i can't draw a straight line to save my life, and i was more of a reader than a doodler as i was growing up, and so i hope you can imagine the amount of *hard work* i put in to every sketch.  haha.  i've been following the urban sketchers blog for quite some time now and the entries never fail to inspire me to do my own on-site sketching. 

i also want to learn how to use watercolor as medium.  i've been using watercolor pencils and i think they're awesome.  however, there's something about applying paint directly from a brush that makes me feel like an artist more connected with my work. (#blah)

i want to sketch and color more, which makes me want to go out and just sit at a corner and watch people (and buildings, and cars, and plants...).  who wants to come with me?

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Manila Girl said...

Bravo! Who needs straight lines? I used to paint when I was a little girl. Used to being the operative phrase, haha. Now I only draw stick figures. :-P