Wednesday, April 27, 2011

since 1993

Third grade.  Probably one of the most memorable years of my childhood.  We would catch dragonflies in the morning before classes started and put them in our pockets when the teacher arrived.

It was also the year I met some of my oldest friends whom I keep in touch with up to now (yes, even without Facebook).  We meet at least once a year (since graduating from grade school), and it feels like we're back in our old school again.

This post is for Cha, one of my closest grade-school friends.  We used to spend long hours on the phone talking about Boyzone.  We would save our lunch money so that we could buy magazines, posters, and postcards with Boyzone it them.  (She was able to watch them live when they went to Manila!  Haha.)  Anyway, Cha sent me this postcard from Stanford University, where she's taking up an environmental engineering course.  She said she reads this blog, so, Hi Cha!  I hope I got the info right.  She also has her own blog.  I think she's really masipag in writing and so good at articulating her thoughts! :) 

Wow at Stanford.  My first "boyfriend" (I was in high school, so you know what I mean) lived in Stanford.  Stanford Street, in the university town of Cubao, that is.  

I'm really happy for Cha and the awesome opportunity to study abroad.  One of my anthropology professors once said he envisioned me taking up my PhD in Cornell.  (I wish!  I haven't even finished my Masters yet!)

Now for some pictures!  Here's me with Onay, another of my elem-school barkada.  I think this was during our sixth grade Christmas party.  Can you see the orange lantern on the ceiling behind us?  I made that!  Oh, and look at my Tretorns.  I miss wearing them.  And I am totally not alone in the skirt-and-socks combo.

And here is Cha, probably looking at a Boyzone card.  :P

Tinette, Cha, and Onay from when we went for coffee last December.  

We look just the same, don't you think?  I hope to hang out with these girls again soon.  And maybe gush over boybands again.

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