Saturday, April 25, 2009

i've been (half) framed!

Old Rose (left) and Li'l Blush (right)

Okay. So I got myself some new old cameras that take half-frame shots, which means you get two pics in one "regular" frame. I got Old Rose the Olympus Pen EE around two weeks ago and Li'l Blush the Olympus Pen EE-2 arrived this morning from a fellow Lomomanila member who's based in Iloilo. Appearance-wise the two are basically the same, except that Li'l Blush has a hotshoe and a film counter that counts 'up' (I rather like Old Rose's film counter better--it's so cool! It counts 'down'--you set the number of shots--if you have a 36-shot film you just multiply it by two, so you set the counter at 72, and everytime you take a shot and advance the film the counter takes a spin to point to the lesser number. Like an analog clock. Cute).

Li'l Blush also has a couple of 'upgrades' in her shutter speed and film speed settings (eherm, I won't go into that lest I turn all geeky here, haha). What I love about both cameras is the 28mm Zuiko lens (yeah, wide angle baby!--great depth of field, super point and shoot). However, the elder one, Old Rose, though she still works, is nearing retirement. Yep. Since having Li'l Blush in the family, I'll be using her more often, and she is more uh, 'healthy' than her sis. Old Rose I might sell, or trade, or just keep with me. Being the aged half-frame Sixties rockstar that she is, she's in need of repairs (for one thing the selenium cell/light meter doesn't work anymore, I think, and she has the sticky shutter). Oh well. Enough of my photographic blabbering. A good blogger would post sample shots, but since Old Rose's first roll was a tad too overexposed and I just got Li'l Blush, y'all have to wait. It's gonna be a while until I finish a roll. :)

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