Wednesday, October 5, 2011

look what i found!

or, look what i kept all these years to make into scratch paper!

it's a leaflet!  this was how we used to disseminate info before twitter, kids.
also, say hello to my uniform.  :P

this was how i wrote a press release.

when i was an undergraduate student, i was part of this elitist underground organization.  we wrote a lot and we bashed each other's works a lot too.  we loved and hated each other.  it was really fun.

we used to hold poetry readings once a year; it was a tradition.  smoking was still allowed in the campus, and sometimes you can smell a faint, sweet scent, and you would grin at each other.  colayco park still existed, where all things magical happen at any time of the day, but mostly at night.  smirk.

ah, those were the days.

now that organization's been recognized, but i don't get to hear much about what they're doing.  do they still write a lot, hold workshops (that would hopefully result in ustetika and/or palanca-winning works), and point out errors in the official campus paper?  do they still read, experiment, ask the great (or, the more experienced) ones for advice (about writing and love), make friends (and eventually make out) with other campus writers, conduct poetry readings on a whim, make renggas, and strive to be better writers?

do they make (awesome, AWESOME--don't argue with me) leaflets?  or just facebook and tweet their way to literary fame?

lol, fame.  better butcher* yourself, lauren.

butcher: verb, to severely critique a literary work during a workshop, or anytime at all, really.

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