Thursday, October 27, 2011

new tools

i was feeling blah this afternoon so i decided to take a walk to what is perhaps the most well-known and well-patronized school-and-art supply shop in the vicinity of the university.  i was planning to buy a new sakura brush pen, but the shop ran out of stock. i decided to try a cheap chinese refillable brush pen--it was the only brush pen left--and a small bottle of ideal (that's the brand) drawing ink. i looked around for a notebook that can take the ink (and preferably watercolor too) and found this:

not as popular as the "leading brand" that starts with an m, but worth a try, heheh.

it was cheap at sixty-two pesos, and seemed thick enough for watercolors, so i grabbed one.

i should have grabbed all of it. (maybe later, on my way home!)  i tried it out immediately:
sakura brushpen and prang colors. 

i like it a lot. i can see myself taking it anywhere (lol feeling artist talaga), and the paper isn't too white, unlike my other watercolor pads.  it has just the teeniest bit of texture.  i'm just not so sure about the binding, though. heh. anyway.

as for the chinese brushpen, i've filled it out with ink, and the first few strokes were--mm, should i say--i need more practice with the thing.  the tip dries out quickly, and i'm afraid i'll squirt it accidentally over a favorite shirt.  haha.

i'm looking forward to doing a lot of sketches this long weekend, especially when we visit the cemetery on the 31st.  wish me luck.

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