Tuesday, October 25, 2011


L-R: Catch As Catch Can by Joseph Heller (of Catch-22 fame), Deaf In America by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries, and Light at the Edge of the World by Wade Davis.

These books made their way to Bukidnon from Manila, as airport / bedroom reading material that were never read.  They belong to three different people.

The first one on the left is mine.  I got it from Booksale for forty-five pesos (reduced from seventy-five).  It has short fiction.  I like short stories.  And books on sale.

The second one is Rej's.  The book is for his thesis; he's doing a study on sign language and Deaf identity.  I think it's cool.  I miss signing, and I'm afraid I've forgotten most of what I learned three years ago. 

The third one is Butch's.  He takes care of his books really well--the one he lent me last year is also covered in plastic.  Wade Davis is a National Geographic explorer; you might have seen his work on NGC.

It just feels good to have a book around, don't you think?

*The Skyflakes (care of Rej), were never eaten.  The water, however, was consumed, the medicine was taken, and the belt was worn.  The unread books are now back in Manila.

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