Tuesday, July 19, 2011

next summer

is it weird that i am excited to be jobless?

it's final.  my mind is set.

gawsh i hope my mother feeds me and gives me an occasional allowance for books and transportation.

i've already told my guy i wouldn't be able to pitch in for dinner dates then.  i'll just take a nice black and white photo of him (and then borrow money to buy developing chemicals with).

oh, the things i will finally get to do.

like my thesis.

Friday, July 15, 2011

in the spirit of Polaroid Week,

here is a very underexposed and overdeveloped photograph of my mother.

apologies for the poor scanning which did nothing to save give the image a little more dignity.  :P

i "resurrected" the Polaroid 320 Land camera (Polaroid Land 320 camera?) my dad gave me.  i think he gave it to me to add to my collection of old cameras that do not work anymore.  heehee.  i don't think he was expecting the polaroid to be used again.  i'm glad i have film-loving friends who share information and tips, and i found out that the polaroid i've left gathering dust beside my bed can still make a comeback.

i wrote about how the old battery was still there--i did a simple battery conversion-modification which enabled me to replace the old, phased-out one with an easily-available cr2 battery.  the important thing was to use a battery with the same voltage of 3 volts. *geek mode*

anyway!  it's good that the film packs compatible with the camera are still available, albeit way past their prime.  i ordered two packs of Fuji FP100C (color) and a pack of Fuji FP100B (black and white) to test the camera with.  looks like i'll have to hoard order more.

so, test shot done.  what i learned:  the film speed is 100, and shutter speed is 75.  it's advisable to adjust the camera settings to "darken" to compensate IF it is already sunny and you're afraid of overexposing the film.  in my case, i should have adjusted it to "lighten" instead because it was still early morning and the sunlight hasn't quite reached our garden yet.  i need the sun.  or a brighter time of the day.  lesson learned.  it could also be because the film's already expired, and well, i think it only makes things more exciting, hahaha.  next!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

downgrade, upgrade

most of the time, you want the best.  that's understandable.
i've thought about things for a while.
i want what fits me.  it may not be the best for you, of course.  
what. fits. me.  it's different from "whatever fits."
sometimes it costs more, but hey, it fits.

i'm talking about a camera.  (lol)

for the first time in months, i feel at peace with the choice i've made.

no i haven't bought anything yet.  but soon, yes?

i'm a material girl.

* * *

in other news,

it was shutter revolution's general assembly last sunday.  this is a photo by esowbee in tumblr.  i like this photo because it shows me (in a white dress with colorful prints) running to get the film and photo album that i won in the raffle, where i also gave away my olympus pen ee (goodbye, old rose) and some other stuff (bag, scrapbooks).  me in action, hahaha.

28 cd-r king film cameras all in a row, shooting simultaneously.  it was fun.

i also bought a one-of-a-kind swing bag from the talented fellow shutterbug and also designer-artist denver garza.  i've always been a fan of his recycled creations, and i am happy to support his endeavors!  no pic of the bag yet though, but let me say it brings colorful happiness to a gloomy day!  :P

Friday, July 1, 2011


the results of yesterday's trip to the anthropology department of the u of the p:
before i get the approval for the extension of my residency, i must have a certification from my adviser that yes, indeed, i am doing my thesis and in fact, i am ready to defend my proposal this semester, as per the condition of my first residency extension.

to have a certification (and to clear some things up regarding my adviser who was transferred to another department), i have to show some paper.  preferably my thesis proposal.  or at least something that looks like it.

i missed diliman.  being there yesterday was really refreshing (the trees!  the trees!  the grassy paths!), and walking with students made me feel like a student again.  well technically i'm still a student--i meant i miss going to class in shorts.  heheh.  just kidding.

anyway--excluding work, here are some other things on my to-do list:

need to do:

  • go to the dance studio and yeah, dance.  and do yogilates.  two months of no workout makes lauren a chubby flabby girl.  i kinda miss sweating from all of my pores.  and i miss my instructors and classmates.  next week i'll be going back to peak!
  • read thesis-related stuff.  and write.
  • visit the dentist

 want to do:

  • experiment more with image transfers.  i've had some success with acryclic resin matte medium and photocopies.
  • practice developing black & white photographs.  invest in a good tank, measuring devices, and chemicals.  this will be good for my soul.  ;)
  • with that said, practice film photography.
  • buy a film scanner.
  • scan old photos.
  • finish the other books i've started.  i have three.
  • practice sketching & watercoloring.  i bought waterbrushes yesterday!
  • make a playground for my rats.
  • ride my bike.
  • watch bones.  i miss tj thyne as king of the lab. 
  • go to batanes.
  • go for a walk.
weekends are so few.