Monday, February 27, 2012

late post: the hot air balloon fiesta on film; or, the view from below

the last day of the hot air balloon fiesta was an awful day for toy camera enthusiasts.  it had been drizzling, and the sky was ominous with gray clouds.  even the fastest film was no match for the bleakness of the day.  my film-loving friends also expressed their dismay (we were all anticipating 'blah' colors and underexposed shots).  oh well: the weather and the sea of people were life's lemons thrown my way, so i just had to go make some lemonade out of them.  :)  i was thinking, if my height distance from the field prevents me from seeing the action above, why not see what's below?  here are my film shots!

from my camel usagi wide angle camera:

so. many. people.

from my nikon f80 slr:

waiting for our companions at 3am


taking pictures of people taking pictures

the view from below


ige & i were tremendously "aww-ed" by this guy carrying a parasaurolophus.

 how many sleeping people can you see?  

my mom. 

i enjoyed watching the aerial stunts!

it wasn't so bad after all.

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Retro Manila said...

Gee, lovin' the photos.