Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Here's a writer--or at least someone who attempts to make a living by writing--who can't even manage to write in any of her blogs.


Things have been pretty busy lately, and with the annual conference of the Anthropological Association of the Philippines coming up, I'm sure I won't even have time to THINK about writing here. It's going to be my last year being the organization's secretary and conference organizer; for the past year I hadn't been able to focus on my duties anyway. Plus I'm a grad school dropout, and also the most anthropology I've done lately is watching strangers in a jeepney and trying to figure out their life story.

Anyway, in a couple of days I'll be off to an event that will surely test and improve my knowledge on something I didn't really care much about before. I guess making the Internet the source of your income makes you want to understand everything there is to know about it. True, cyber/virtual anthropology was one of the topics I considered for serious study, but this--digital marketing and analytics and social media and everything in between--I didn't think I would ever consider to be a major part of my life, but there you go. It's exciting in a way, and a good challenge that keeps me on my toes.

Oh, and I promise to write a little bit each day for my "daily" blog, the daily mews. Yes, that is what I called it, perhaps because I really wanted to push myself to write a few words about my personal life whatever I can come up with on a daily basis. Ha. Let's see if I can convince myself to do just that.

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