Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday blog post

I went to the university this morning to do some errands for the conference next week and it made me remember my grad student days, haha. So instead of the usual photos, I've decided to do something different for Throwback Thursday. I do some #tbt posts on Instagram and Facebook every now and then, but today it's going to be all about the written word: a post from an old blog.

The one I've pasted here is from my old 2005 blog a culture of nonsense, which lasted only for three months. After that blog, I moved to DeviantArt and then to this one, which was named barya lang po sa umaga before it was changed to a wee i.

In this post, I recounted what happened during an exam for my Physical Anthropology class. I was a freshman graduate student of Anthropology and was very eager to learn forensics. That class made me a big Bones fan! Anyway, here's the excerpt. :)

hope floats...and guess what else?

I have just suddenly realized that I am losing my ability to think creatively.

Picture this: a small flat, curved bone lies on a piece of Styrofoam in a pot full of water, concealed in a paper bag. “Identify this!” was written on the questionnaire. The answer is obvious. I write, RIB. Then came the follow-up question, for two points: “Why the ‘name’?” I stared at the paper stupidly. What could be so special about the rib’s name? Nothing came to mind. Goodbye two points.

I ended up losing three points on that part of the laboratory exam. The correct answer, folks, is that it’s a FLOATING RIB, so-called because it’s not attached to the vertebrae, unlike all the others. The rib is floating in a pot of water. Duh. I feel so stupid, and “uncreative”. Well, how should I know that the professor didn’t put that together so the others wouldn’t be able to peek? Anyway, some of the others got it; I think I would’ve gotten it correctly had I not been so damn…exact? Uptight? Dimwitted? Dense?

And perhaps I’ve also lost my knack for looking—in a deep sense—or searching for detail. I also wasn’t able to see that (in another question) the skeleton in front of me (“Charlie”) had two left legs—set-up by my professor, of course. Tsk. I’m slipping, slipping.

Oh, memories. I would like to think that I've regained some measure of creativity and attention to detail now. I would probably suck at lining up the vertebrae in the correct order, though. :P

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