Friday, October 11, 2013

planes and rains

I meant to put this up last night on my Weebly blog the daily mews, but the power went down due to the rainstorm and as you know, when this happens, gadgets become more vulnerable, and we humans tend to treat them with more value because energy has become a limited resource. No power also means the WiFi device we had wasn't going to provide us with Internet connection anytime soon, so there. Anyway, enough blah, here's what I was up to yesterday.

My workmates and I attended an event with a bunch of people who, like us, make their living running websites and digital marketing campaigns. The organizers invited a handful of people to discuss stuff about Google Analytics, one of the tools we use to tell us what's happening with a website and help us decide what to do next to improve it to make a campaign successful.

The afternoon talk was held at a small cafe+bar at the penthouse of a condominium building along C5 road. It's along the flight path of most planes coming from the east, and every now and then we would hear a plane pass by, prepping for landing. I have a fascination for planes and being somewhere very, very high, so saying I was thrilled is putting it rather mildly. When it was time to take a break I made a beeline for the balcony.

The city with its slums and skyscrapers. It makes one think.

A couple of hours after I took these photos, the rain came. We were finishing up with questions for the last speaker when the lights flickered, went back on for two seconds, then died for good. My first thought was how funny the situation was, being in a tech-centered environment with Internet geeks and we had no power.

The major collective concern was this: "How are we going to get out of here?" We were at the top floor of the building, and no electricity meant no elevator, which meant we would have to take the stairs down 23 flights, run through the rain to the car, and make our way home. That was fine with me; I needed to work out this week anyway. Heck, we all needed the exercise.

Then came news: the elevator was working! People started filing out.

We ended up making a U-turn to one of the nearby commercial hubs to have dinner and coffee. Forcing our way through traffic would be a stupid move, and besides, a bowl of hot ramen sounded way better than being stuck on the road. I got home half an hour after midnight.

So that was my Thursday. How was yours?

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