Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baldo: hug him while he's clean

Baldo: "Get her offa me!!!"
(Fitch aka Baldo & Kooky)

His real name's Fitch. He just looks like a Baldo, and the name sort of stuck. He's a lab retriever, and he came with a very colorful certificate that says his lolas and lolos were all (ehem) champs in one way or another. Mayabang ang asong ito. At mahilig siya sa tubig.

My dad, who's very good at researching the things he comes across, printed out webpages that said retrievers naturally like to swim (it comes with the breed--"go fetch that trout!" i think). Fitch aka Baldo has been caught swimming in the laundry basin numerous times, and he's very fond of dipping his paws in the water bowl after drinking. Kawkaw. He has a monstrous appetite too, and in the month that he's been with us, he's doubled in size. He's much bigger than the doxies now.

Every Sunday he takes a bath. Fur color back to normal, from brownish-gray. Every Sunday I get to hug him without getting mud on me. Such a cute dog. When he grows to his full size I won't be able to carry him anymore; but I'm sure the mud is inevitable.

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