Sunday, July 13, 2008

pets galore

I had been longing to trace the 'history' and twisted genealogies of our furry friends at home, but unfortunately i haven't gotten around to sitting still. Recently we have 'acquired' new pets; perhaps this blog entry would serve as an outline to help me write something later. So for now, the List.

  1. Bear (Aspin)
  2. Hugo Dmitri (Black Dachshund)
  3. Katya Elizabeth (Brown Dachshund)
  4. Fitch aka Baldo (Yellow Lab)
  5. Cookie aka Coochie (Golden Retriever)
  1. Adolf (mother of all)
  2. Angel
  3. Mojofriend
  4. Cino
  5. Fuzzie
  6. PJ
  7. MJ
  8. M3
  9. kitten 1
  10. kitten 2
Assorted freshwater (aquarium) fish

and my newest baby, Gypsy the Siberian Husky Rat

The cats and dogs have all grown to live in harmony (make "lambing" to each other too). With the arrival of a rodent, the challenge now is to keep the felines from making a tasty meal out of Gypsy!

Fuzzie getting acquainted with Gypsy

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mirage2g said...

Wow, that is a different type of 'family...'

Nga pala Iam Mark M's friend =) I tagged you here ;-)
Its a getting to know something about you tag...
Thanks in advance!