Thursday, April 16, 2009


Kuya Randy aka Kabsat with the Perey children, Brgy. Kalawakan, DRT, Bulacan, Summer 2007

I haven't posted anything "lengthy" lately. Nothing to say? Not in a storytelling mood? I dunno. Let's just go on with some updates.

It's my second week at (official, on-payroll, i-have-an-item) on-probationary status work, at the same office. Yes, apparently the past three years of my already being here has no weight whatsoever, and I am still required to go through this process. Blame the labor code loopholes. Or the sheer brilliance of our HR Department. Or the admin. Or me, for not doing anything to get my own sorry ass out of here (yes, I do need to sit down and do that thesis). I am not enjoying kowtowing to the structure of 8-5 work, but hey, it's something, right? Right.

If you see my desk calendar for the month of May, you'll see long lines spanning two to four days in each week. Yep, summer vacation means summer activities. Thankfully, the weekends are all clear, except for the last week, when we'll be in Vietnam. Which cameras to bring? Oh, decisions, decisions!

Speaking of cameras, I speed-finished a roll of film on Old Rose the Olympus Pen EE camera yesterday and had it developed and printed at Photoline. After much geeking about, I concluded that the shots were overexposed because I used the 'wrong' film. I still might have to take her to Mang Dong in Hidalgo for a check-up and repairs (sticky shutter, dead metering, cleaning, etc.). But before that, I'll be feeding her some slide film I'd been saving. I figure that would somehow make things a bit better. :) I'll be posting photos when I'm uh, 'satisfied'.

Notebook fetish. I got another one yesterday.

A couple of nights ago I fell into a cesspit of I-don't-know-what. I felt rotten, stressed-out, icky. Maybe it was hormonal PMS, maybe I was simply utterly deflated by the heat, the stuff at work, the ride home, and the dread that came with the possibility of not being able to see someone I missed. I'm okay now. Thanks s.b.

This has got to be the sweatiest summer ever. Sheesh. The heat drains the body of energy. Hydrate, hydrate!

The hotter it is, the more I look forward to rain.

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