Thursday, April 30, 2009

me, me, me

cropped+adjusted. from a photo ige took of me. new avatar/display image, most probably.

i'm sleepy. i've done most of what i can do at work today. it's thursday. it's a bit rainy. i'm wearing my orange little green men watch. i love my newest old camera. i'm still pining for an lc-a+. when it rains cameras i hope to catch a horizon perfekt and then i'll give it to ige. then i'll borrow it occasionally. haha. i am now an expert in paperflyfolding. i am honored to be asked to take (film) photos of an old friend's wedding. tomorrow's a holiday, yay! i just had a really good idea for the manila day exhibit in sigwada, i hope the others agree. i need to have my eyes checked again. there is really no point to this post.

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