Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The First of September

  • I like how this month is spelled.
  • I'm expecting to hear Christmas carols soon.
  • Things are starting to get very, very busy.
  • Conversations with the Self: finish the must-do, and then you can do the wanna-do.
  • On this day last year I got a nice surprsise. :)
  • I've been reviewing my anthropology. I'm getting rusty.
  • I gave myself an 8/10 in writing. Ang kapal ng fez ko! Okay I'll lower it to 7.7.
  • Speaking of writing, a little tip: know what words mean before you use them. Like, "untimely demise" can't be applied to the late Pres. Cory; and the word "homely" must not used to describe a place you're writing a (promotional, anniversary) feature article about. Well, not unless that place is asking you to ruin its image. Oh, and by the way, thank you for being a part of its 'struggling existence', my fellow comrade thinker. Let's discuss artistic concepts soon as we sit on the floor of that homely place you wrote about.
  • Whew. Someday I will learn to laugh at that kind of bad writing.

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