Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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translations for my "malayang talakayan" posts. click the titles for the originals. :) i copy+pasted them exactly as they appear after google was done with them.

oo pare, pag heard 'free as a bird' the beatles, like I want to pole dance. been I imagine myself: I wearing shining two-piece with pink and stilletos. stereotype that stereotype, with patience, nakatatak sa brain ko 'yung appearance by Natalie Portman in' closer ', prosti-nu'ng nagpaka him. I've ganu'n I imagine, play pag na 'yung kanta. ... ayan kunyari already have the pole on stage, dark but with some light corner to corner. oo pare, ganu'n I katindi the imagination. already imagine myself, pag yun 'yung song, and you --

nandu'n you sit, just quiet, holding cold beer in the left hand and right na, panyong swab the sweat. nandu'n you, sitting, watching, staring, and because I know nandu'n you (because earnings placed there), and no one else but us (for 'yun ang inimagine I), I come to' yo --

then end with 'yung song, the ending somewhat wirdo nu'n not you, not things to pole dancing without halong correctly. the beatles really yes.


You look outside, like a rain that evaporate before hit the ground, so walking on clouds like the people. purely tuloy ang punas glass to me; akala ko kasi may just dirt.

you know, I kinikilig pag sabay tayong cleaning glass.

I read yesterday 'yung mga old blog ko, grabe very nu'n loser ko pala ... I knew what 'sa wrong but I just allowed. nagpaka-fasyown me as a martyr. dehins thing, so who the grandmother makeover and now back to the beauty inside and out. yep, I'm back. hahaha. buti na lang talaga. :) You know that 'yun.

Placing my trip home last night; no radio was manually and forgot fx home 'yung mp3 player ko. nu'ng income if asked ano'ng request for ring to brain ko, grabe pare, along with other visuals' yung kanta. sabi mo kasi 'your song' di ba? 'na ost? well, Moulin Rouge lang naman ang alam kong film nu'n use. so 'yun, happening night-times I replay' yung eksenang 'your song' in Moulin Rouge, complete with Nicole Kidman's rolling on the floor playing with herself giggling. "yes, that's what I want, naughty words!" Ewan McGregor done very cutely would sing out loud "MY GIFT IS MY SONG ... and this one's for you," then that mapapatulala nicole ... whattasequence pare. already asleep yata ako. ang sarap ng aircon eh.

huy! Many of us watch the movie. sana naman and should have matuloy least one this year. six months we plan to watch the movie but until now still no natutuloy. hanep. sins of benjamin Lawton 'to, we've been cursed! bwahahaha. remember you ha, 'Coraline', 'up', 'where the wild things are. animated puro pala 'yun. di na kasi enjoy watching people 'no? We tortured the 'sleuth', serious human psyche 'yan, nakaka-psychology. korni peanut popcorn.

I have forgotten in the mp3 player ko kanina, yehey! buti na lang, kasi wala akong mukhang against crater of a dj with a popular radio station on the radio (duh). is, we say radio wag ... harhar. anyway, good pagkakaupo to the school bus (read: more bus-quiapo) and meditative about the universe unfolding as it should ... relak-relak lang ba. random linked to the folder "misc" and then I magpaka-sentimellow the song 'shoot the moon' by Norah Jones naman akong suddenly awakened to 'october' of EWF. uuy. I have remembered.

it started pretty 'yun, di ba?

ang galing-galing! from this diagram onwards often I get a cheek kakangiti.

btw, I turned orange today. maybe you already green. course a large chance that wrong I guess, hehehe. kamusta naman ang espn?

not that I say. back that 'yung ine-edit ko. good luck that also pagpapaka-visualizer us there. vini now also visualize income, sitting, smiling, tinted the white box.

The kyut mo talaga pare.

so, that appear in a national publication 'yung feature article we mocked, written by an' artist 'for a gallery. nu'ng shown in 'kin' sa raw / unedited version, I edited a little (the olats kasi talaga, the p're) done immediately to restore I pareng sender, to send again the concern. unfortunately that is naisubmit the magazine raw 'yung (unedited) version and maybe care' yung magazine editor to edit, since her job 'yun. oh well.

I said, oks lang, pag 'yung version I still have been published in tune e pa' yung writing, e di naman ako make-credit if ganu'n. di naman I refuse to "tumino" nu'ng writing in any one of the only nasasambit inedit ko 'yung article said. so, that appear in the magazine. and! napakahiwagang no pinagbago the raw article in printed version - meaning, no you edit the article. mygulay. no editor? national magazine? or maybe with that editor, di naman made the job? hmm ... or, maybe too elibs He also 'writer' na nu'ng article Stateside pretty name, not tampered with, assuming that the impeccable English grandfather niyo, american-sounding nga kasi ang name. anyway, unfortunately for the magazine and gallery fini-feature, multiple errors in the article. 'error' as in the styling, the grammar, the phrasing, malaprops, etc.. sabagay. image gallery naman 'yun, why ikaka-hb? shots that the shots naman sila writer / artist / thinker that comrade pinagsulat them, so just let us. suicide by feature article, good luck na lang.

that we discuss tuloy, "if you enter the magazine such article ..." hmm, imagine what we can get away with.

pag so I write magazine That's it for to point out the errors, so I make a new editor? bwahahaha. mainly I would do is republish the article, but of course with the corrections, or wait, that footnotes, the more excessive "[sic]".

sorry ha, di ko talaga eh hesitate. uber not from writing but I know naman the basic grammar rules and style. The "it's" is shortened form of "it is" and "its" are 'yung Possessive. for example, it is right: "the gallery made a mistake by putting its faith in you." want another? o eto: "it's amazing how you can be such a poser." extra information for: brother, if long a sick old man and given to the term of his life, in that be called 'untimely demise' is after him, especially if the cause of death was' yung disease himself. common sense, dude.

and maybe a good look first to the dictionary meaning of a word before you use it. porke no 'sounds like' a word is also ganu'n means. example, in oks na yata other describe the interior of an art gallery that you ginagawan feature the word "Homely" just because it seems like a word that means something like 'feels like home. naku lagot you should really consulted first si mr. webster. tip only. If you turn pretty tinatamad find in the dictionary because you know look it, google is your friend. educate yourself. If you really want to hone your skills in creative writing, reading also. begin to 'elements of style'. simple lang pero rock were strunk & white.

so, what is positive we get here, kids?

aba syempre can use 'exercise in editing' the article, complete with guide questions: what were the grammatical errors committed? how can this article be improved, if it can be improved at all? as the editor, would you seriously consider accepting articles from this person again? seriously? "

o sige na, bad and my people proud. I, I know the rules before I break them. mahilig lang akong mag-capitalize the letters sa kyut they look better. so kawaii you.

osya, nahimasmasan me. thank you, blog!

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