Monday, September 14, 2009

I met him through his shoes.

Some years ago, I was sitting at a curb watching people mill around at an event--I don't remember what it was anymore. I turned to study the pavement's wrinkles (and shimmer, I think, the sand?) and I noticed a pair of sneakers near the ground in front of me. I studied it for a bit, glad the owner stood still. Interesting, I thought. (The guy) Must be one of those rockstar-artist types--while the rest of the yuppie universe kept their shoes clean, he must have had a grand time doodling on the toe guards.

The shoes walked away. I resumed my ground-staring.

A few months ago I saw the shoes again, this time with their owner. Or should I say, this time I met their owner first before I saw them again.

I know those shoes, I thought, trying to remember. I've seen them before.

As I smiled at my labidabs I told him why he should thank his shoes.



Bruce Jerome said...

is this true? even if it's just a concept, i love it.

lauren said...

@ Bruce Jerome

Yes it's true. It was a big "so that was you!" moment for me. :) Thanks.

fortuitous faery said...

i'm curious as to the type of shoes that caught your eye in the first place! was it the brand? the style? hehe.

what an unusual way to meet someone!