Thursday, March 24, 2011

i miss doing long exposures

one of the features of my (now defunct because of the busted lcd screen) panasonic lumix fs4 is the "starry sky" mode, which allows for a long exposure that can be set at fifteen, thirty, and sixty seconds (so you won't have to keep your shaking finger on the shutter button).  

this afternoon i came upon the website of photographer kevin cooley, and i was completely awed.  "holy--" i said in my head, as i flipped through his work.

the one above, captioned "Down the Street From Buffy the Vampire Slayer", made me miss doing long exposures and also triggered a desire to look for my old long-exposure photos.  they're online here somewhere.
the trees at blanc compound in mandaluyong

 the sky brewing something (i was walking home from work)

playing around with a flashlight (a.k.a. lightpainting on people lightpainting). it took us three tries to get the photo "just right" (even if i almost had my head cut off)

from my aunt's house. a van passed.

for last year's office outing, we went to a resort in the province of pangasinan, where fishing was allowed.

ige during last year's earth hour.

and that's it for now.  i'm saving up for a new camera that can take long exposures as well.  initially i lusted for the canon s95 (so pretty), but i *think* i would have to save a little more for the lx5, if i wanted to have the programmed long exposure mode (and more, and more!).  however, at the (saving) rate i'm going, i think i'll be able to have the lx5 as a christmas (or halloween?--i wish!) gift to myself, if stocks haven't run out yet. ha ha.


witsandnuts said...

Great shots! I have the Canon S95. :)

Manila Girl said...

I use the Canon S95 for a lot of my photos. :-) It's really nice! Your photos are great, especially the one with two people sleeping. :-)

zeus bascon said...

ganda! san amay magadna din akong cam!kahit point and shoot lang. ung lumix maganda nga siya