Monday, March 28, 2011

march-ing on

My Lomo LC-A camera had a bit of a sticky shutter problem.  During the weeks of my denial of the situation, every time I took a photo, I would always try to see if the shutter clicked (the LC-A can be misleading sometimes), which explains the numerous exercises in photographic vanity.  When it was obvious that yeah, the dust and gunk from its years of existence finally got to the LC-A's shutter mechanism, I sighed and handed the camera over to Mike, who kindly offered to have his camera technician fix it.  The transaction went well, with us bartering the old-fashioned way: goods in exchange for service.  In our case it means I gave him a few rolls of Fuji Sensia slide film.  :)

Presenting to you my March in lomo, or, how often I took my own photo just so I could see the shutter open:

 cheeky morning on my way out of our "gated community"

 i think i was daring the shutter to fail me.

 lunch break snooze


 i like...foliage.

 at the dance studio. yeah.

 the poster ige made for my birthday, on my door.  curtain's shadow.

 the said curtain and the little kid who likes to hide in it.

 the little kid also likes to play with the little cat.  the cat is still getting used to butt-grabbing.


 buen and ige.

 the photo is upside down but i kinda like it this way. (too lazy to replace it)

 we had just come from our artists' talk at the Lopez Museum, and buen had this marvelous idea to get some beer at the foodcourt...


 oh, my birthday again.

 there's a fire

 behind right: the little jukebox that could!

 we're not too creative with "couple shots".  i think we're kinda awkward with having pictures like these taken.

chewy junior.  really good but i wish it was less expensive. oh well.

March is coming to an end (what a long but fast month eh?), summer's here, and it's that time of the year when work piles up and then suddenly it's June and classes begin again.  And I still don't have a thesis.  Better get my ass moving then. 

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