Wednesday, June 22, 2011


the first thing i did when i got out of bed this morning (well, after using the bathroom and turning on the light) was to check my film stash.  i'm planning a trip to hidalgo this weekend to buy some fresh rolls of black and white film and some cheap color negatives, and i wanted to be sure i get enough to last me oh, maybe the rest of the year--since i'm doing film all the way.  (good luck with that.)  should i just save my film buying & processing money for a dslr?  and maybe sell my film cameras?

naaaah.  hahaha.  that dslr will have to wait; i'm still enjoying film while i can.  ;)

anyway, here is what i have left:

1 pack fuji instax mini 10

120 format

black and white
1 lucky new shd 100

color reversal (slide)
1 fuji provia 100f

color negative 
3 fuji nps 160
1 fuji nph 400
2 fuji h 400
2 fuji pro 160c
1 kodak ektacolor pro 160


black and white
2 lucky new shd 100 

color reversal (slide)  
3 fuji sensia 200
4 fuji sensia 400
2 kodak elitechrome 100
1 agfa ct precisa 100

color negative  
3 fuji superia 400  
2 fuji press 800
1 fuji reala 100
1 fuji nps 160
1 kodak ultima 100
1 dnp centuria 200
1 kodak supra 100

1 solid gold 200

* * *
aaand that's it!  it seems like i still have quite a lot, but believe me, my film supply is bound to run out soon enough because i'm also planning to do a film photography project this year.  i haven't decided yet though, and i'm still looking for ideas.  ;)  

in the meantime.. film donations, anyone?  ;p

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