Friday, June 10, 2011

this morning, a realization

for the past two (three? four?) months ige and i have been discussing, ranting, and raving about cameras.  i have been eyeing the canon 550d since february (january?), making a decision that if ever i could save enough for a dslr, i would get that.  i had also been lusting after the lumix lx5 ever since it came out, envying those who did have the money to purchase at will.  oh well.  when my lumix fs4 compact's screen smashed in february (my big, stupid fault), i itched for a new camera immediately, and it took a lot of willpower not to give in to cheaper, yet "good enough" compacts.  the arrival of fuji's long-awaited finepix x100 on philippine shores brought much drama to my  classic camera-loving self, but it is simply too unattainable for me.

i would always say that it's not the camera but the person behind it that makes a photograph, and agree with the idea that the best camera is the one you have with you.  it's very zen, makes you at peace with yourself, and gives you a feeling of content.  but it doesn't really stop you from wishing.
this morning while walking towards my building, i looked up the sky and saw a flock of birds taking wing.  i thought how awesome it would be to have a camera right then and there and take a photo: the black silhouette of the birds against the varying gray gradients of the sky.
and then, this:  i would have a lumix, the lx5.  it would be perfect for my shooting style, the way i like to bring a camera everyday, and my fascination with wide angles and long exposures.  as for the money i would have spent on a 550d, i would buy a nice lens (ige would say glass) for my nikon f80 film slr.  it sounds like a good idea.  i love film photography, and while film is still around, i'd like to make the most out of my film cameras too.  the 550d can wait--if we're meant to be together, he'll (yes i have decided it's a boy) be there to bring me comfort when my film rolls run out, when photo labs stop processing film, and when companies stop manufacturing film altogether.  [i hope that doesn't happen, though.]

but if anyone would like to give me a 550d, it's no problem, really.  :P 

(photos are summer shots with my nikon f80 film slr)


J. Alvaran said...

The main advantage of digital is merely convenience and actually if we speak of long term money wise basis, its more economical, since you wont be needing anything but a cable and a PC to process your photos. Plus you would be saving our natures dearest trees. :)

But again a camera is only as worthy as its handler. It has nothing to do with creativity. A more expensive camera does not take better pictures.

I wouldnt recommend LX5 though, nor any of those fixed lens junkies where you are required to buy some crappy adaptor and overpriced lens only to get some blurry photos. Its price range floats the same as entry level DSLR. I'm guilty of having an LX3 when it was released on the peak of its market hype. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone thinking about spending their money wisely. But for anyone who care less and wants to toy it around. Go.

I know DSLRs are bit bulky but who cares, carrying it around would give anyone a needed excercise and you can pick a wide array of lens to mount to it.

If I were in your shoes, ill save the money for 550D. It comes with a 18-55mm lens. And for the rest of your life the only thing you would be thinking of are the lens you could mount in it.

lauren said...

@ J. Alvaran

Good points J! Yesterday the bf and I tried out a couple of DSLRs and I got to handle the 550d and boy, it. was. SWEET. Thanks for telling me what you think; I really need the reviews (and encouragement for the 550d). For some quirky reason I'm also thinking of getting something more "pocketable" for everyday jaunts through the metro though. Who knows, I might just be able to nail both! (ha ha ha)