Saturday, June 25, 2011


my friday and saturday plans were cancelled, because of the damn beast of a typhoon called falcon.  

see what happens when they name these weather things male: milenyo, frank, ondoy, falcon.

idk; the only great female typhoon in my memory who ravaged the country (and ruined what could have been my first trip to the newly-opened enchanted kingdom in 1993) was rosing.  i might have forgotten the other great females, of course, but she's the only one that i really remember (because she made me miss enchanted kingdom!!!).

lol at the gender comparison.

anyway, falcon's flying away, and i hope the next boy who comes storming in isn't as kj as he was.

[i know i'm selfish writing about how my plans were cancelled, when there are so many others in worse position.  i'm sorry.  i just wanted to have a great saturday walking around hidalgo and shooting and eating.  :( ]

this post is also a birthday greeting to one of my good friends in graduate school, who passed away during a hiking trip three years ago during typhoon frank's onslaught.  his mountaineering club was crossing a raging river in zambales when tragedy struck and he and some others were caught in a fierce current.  a few days later he was found on the beach of a beautiful island a day before his birthday.  cheers to you, tads.  we had a picnic a month ago, just like you wanted:

we had spaghetti, cake, brownies, roasted chicken, and chips!

rj (the only guy in the photo) said tads appeared to him in a dream, telling him that he's starting to forget tads.  i told rj i had a similar feeling that made me write tads' multiply blog title as a ym status.  we decided it was time we finally get that picnic going--when tads was still with us, we had planned to have a picnic-tambay afternoon at the sunken garden, which never pushed through.  so, we contacted our classmates and set the date.  we had our picnic in rj's office at the faculty center instead of the sunken garden because it was raining.  it was fun nonetheless.  i'm looking forward to our next picnic!

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