Monday, August 1, 2011

bridal dinners!

two of my closest friends are getting married a month apart.  dash, who waited with me for our dads to drive us home on p.e. fridays back in our freshman year in high school,  is having her wedding this saturday.  mich, dash, susa, and i had a bridal shower/pre-wedding dinner last friday.  we weren't really into hiring gyrating males anyway.  :P

onay, whom i've always admired as the mature one in our group of twelve-year-olds (aside from her being the one who got her menses first, heheh), will be married on the tenth of september.  cha, who will be getting married herself next year, set up a bridal shower (minus the gyrating males too) at her house last saturday.

 best wishes cake from cha to the soon-to-be bride and mommy!

 i brought my spaceship fuji instax mini along.  it was a hit! :) 

 tinette, onay, laurie, and marvin.  marvin's a friend of cha and onay since high school.  look at our food!
angel's pizza (spicy tuna and cheeseburger), kfc chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and brownies.  fairview quickie takeouts for the win! :D

 mini cupcake toast!

 i think pink lipstick looks good on me.  :P (lol at my "juma-japan" pose)

 cute mini cupcakes!

 we watched the time machine and said a lot of mean things about it (ha ha ha).  i did share that the only thing i liked about it was jeremy irons.

 our little group of carmelians fourteen years after graduation from grade school. he he he.  tight as ever!

thanks to cha for the photos!


kayni said...

everyone's smiling and happy here, and i love that spaceship camera :).

lauren said...


Thanks :) I should get more film!