Wednesday, August 24, 2011


my hair: even if i want to sport a more impressive length, my scalp says no, and warns me by letting go of oh, a handful a week.  i know i've reached my length limit when hair fall happens.  time to snip.

and by snipping i mean an extreme amount of hair, rather than just a trim.

ige was joking (was he?) about me sporting a short, gel-ible style and he having the long hair which makes him look like russell brand.  i can't, i said.  i have a big round face; i'll look too butch!

the change may also do me some good to disguise me from the bad luck that's been hovering around me this month (like my beloved rats getting sick and dying).  folkloric, yes?  hmm.  anyway, the haircut would also go well with the other changes that's been going on: in work, my studies, and who knows, perhaps even in doing projects and my photography!  i've been terribly bland photo-wise; i need something to perk me up--definitely not a new camera (hahaha) but a new idea, just--something.


i'm going for some coffee.  i'm currently into 7-eleven's mocha cappuccino and croley foods' ensaymada-flavored butter cream crackers.  [little bits of consumer happiness for the burnt-out office girl with a dream bigger than all of the world's pimples combined!]

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