Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the renegade lock

hi. the lock of my hair i'm holding isn't supposed to be that short.  the damn stylist who cut my bangs for a side sweep (this was in june) got too eager and snipped too much.  he clearly wasn't paying attention to how my hair falls around my head, and for that i am never going back to their salon again.

speaking of hair--i'm getting bored. again.

in other news, i'm finally getting my film rolls from may up to july developed.  i find it sad that digiprint branches are dwindling (i always avail of their film-to-cd-and-deliver service), and i was surprised to receive a call from one of their staff who said they were willing to pick up my rolls. :) haven't heard from them today, though, so i guess i'm off to the next nearest branch.  i'm still shooting film, don't worry  :)

will post long-overdue film photos soon.

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kayni said...

sorry about your hair. i, myself, have been doubting my hair stylist for six years. she's becoming more insistent on how to cut my hair and won't listen to what i like. i think it's time to look for a new one.