Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what i do to vienna sausage

this post is inspired by ige's lunch today ("may baon ako byena soseyg").  :)

i like vienna sausage, but i don't eat them straight out of the can.  they look too pale, too "raw" for me, and so i do a couple of things to them before they move in to my stomach.  kinda defeats the purpose of its being 'ready-to-eat', huh? oh well.  good luck to me when i have to eat them "raw" during an emergency!

so what do i do to vienna sausage?

A - The American (or so i think, obviously stereotyping)

i put all the sausages in the toaster and heat them up until the skin is almost brown, and almost crunchy.  i turn them over every once in a while to prevent the skin from sticking to the toaster tray, and for an 'even' brown.  (not that it matters.)  while they're toasting, i get a tall tumbler and pour in some coke.  then i hunt for some potato chips (preferably classic lay's--mmm!).  when the sausages are done i put them on a small plate and, munching chips between sausages, i watch a movie.  i would probably die in a few years if i did this often.

B - The Pinoi (just because i think i'm not the only one who does this in this part of the world)

as with The American, i heat up the sausages in the toaster until they're brown.  while they're tanning, i prepare around 3-4 pieces of pan de sal (or "tasty" bread) and grab some mayonnaise.  when the sausages are gorgeously done, i put them in a bowl and mash them with a fork.  sometimes i put the pan de sal in the toaster to warm while i mix in mayo with the sausage.  then i fill the pan de sal with the mayo-y, sausage-y goodness.  great with coke or coffee.  or iced tea.  and some kundiman in the background, yo.

C - The Simple, Pero Rock (i'm staying away from stereotypes now)

open the can and put 'em in the pan.  fry until satisfied, and you're done!  oldskool, greasy and good--eat with bread or rice (or both).  i think i must try this with beer.  ;)

i enjoy them all, but my favorite would be The Pinoi.  how about you, do you like vienna sausage too?  (wow, that rhymed!)


ige said...

basta yung tustadong halos kumalas na yung balat. dabest.

kayni said...

never tried toasting them in the oven. i always fry them until brown then smother them with banana ketchup tapos eat them with rice. gutom na ako.