Tuesday, March 6, 2012


i was sick. cough and colds.  it was good that i'd earlier decided to just have a simple family+loved ones celebration at home.    

ige came bearing gifts!  my nose cleared up for about 5 minutes out of excitement! :P

my mom prepared a sumptuous lunch: spaghetti, prawns, ribs, baked potatoes, chicken pastel, fruit salad. thanks, ma!  it was really too bad i couldn't enjoy the food 100%.  sniff.  :(

after lunch we lounged around, watched movies.  we saw hugo and the music never stopped.  

we also played twister! 

time to open gifts! :)

my niece miel gave me a ginormous lollipop!  ige gave me a neat wooden clock that also shows the date, and tita aggie & tito marit (ige's parents) gave me an awesome shirt blouse that fits oh so perfectly (and happened to match my nails)!  thank you! :)

plus! super thanks to my family, especially my mom, and a big thank you to everyone who greeted.  :)

and of course, thanks to ige for visiting the sick birthday girl and for bringing the movies, the presents, and taking the photos! :D


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kayni said...

Sorry to hear you're sick, but glad to hear you still had a wonderful birthday.

Happy, happy birthday!