Friday, March 16, 2012


the passage of time, as seen through my desk plant. 

i got myself a water plant (no direct sunlight, just water) for christmas 2009, and i brought it to the office so i could have a little green living thing on my otherwise boring workspace.

(i got the plant from miura in sm fairview.  i've forgotten its scientific name, and i don't see plants like it in miura anymore.) 

april 2010: happy earth day!

it lives on fluorescent light and carbon dioxide (mostly mine), because i talk to it.  yes i talk to plants.  

i worried about it when i had to leave it in the office during the holiday break in 2010, but it was so smart, it knew where to look for nourishment:

january 2011: reaching out to the light

i've been reading a book about how plants have feelings, and can have a unique connection with its owner.  this is why i've been taking extra care of it and minding it more in the past few weeks: i've been starting to tell it that i would be leaving soon, so i can concentrate on my academics, but to not worry as there would be other people taking care of it when i'm gone.  :)

earlier i thought about taking the plant home with me, but then i realized it would be best for it to stay in the office not only to liven the place up, but also for it to continue receiving lots of artificial light and cool temperature.  it would surely die if left out to the heat of a non-air-conditioned environment (read: my house)!  thank goodness there's at least one person in the office who appreciates plants like i do, and would surely take care of it.

september 2011: top-of-the-shelfmates

it's grown a lot, hasn't it?  i will surely miss it when i leave!  oh plant, i hope you know how much you mean to me even when i'm already far away.  i'll be thinking of you (according to the book, this helps to liven up a plant, and yes i believe it, no harm done, peace and love).  

i'll do some research on transplanting some stems (there are some nodes that i think will grow into a root system) so it doesn't get too crowded in one pot, and to spread the love.

march 2012: pretty plant

maybe in june i'll start a little herb garden at home.  if i'm pretty good with plants why not try growing them, right?  i wish i have a green thumb!  my maternal grandmother has it as well as a paternal grandaunt, but my mom doesn't (woe to all plants that she touches!), so i hope the gift skips a generation and comes to me.  :)

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