Wednesday, March 28, 2012

photos by a four-year-old

while we were preparing for a cousin's wedding, my niece got hold of our digital camera and began point-and-shooting away.  i just did some mediocre post-processing (b/w, cropping).  my niece is getting bored at home now, because school's out.  maybe we should enrol her in kiddie art, dance, or swim class.  or all of the above.  anyway, here are her photos!

aunties doing their makeup

maternal great-grandma

hot dog hugo dmitri sleeping in the sun

paternal great-grandma

table faux fur


mom against the light

she's a better photographer than i am!  i'm beginning to think too much (and overlooking the small but awesome stuff) that i haven't taken (fun) photographs in ages.  this will change soon!

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