Wednesday, May 23, 2012

bookmarks from kayni!

I made my mark on this bookmark (ha-ha) using my trusty calligraphy pen.  I should really follow my own advice.  Go read, Lauren!

Hi!  It's been a hectic week--my last days at my regular job.  Plenty of documentation and filing being done, making exhaustion set in even before I get home.  Last night I had a treat though--kayni's kreations came in the mail!  I was thrilled.  Just look at those lovelies!

I'm excited to go back to school (I may be only saying this because I haven't gotten around to doing any schoolwork yet, haha), and these bookmarks will surely make reading more interesting.  They're adorable, and they match my book (and notebook) collection perfectly! Love, love, love the vintage design!  I might spend more time admiring the bookmarks than reading though, teehee.  :)

Thank you, kayni, for the beautiful bookmarks! 

There's plenty of other neat & crafty stuff in her etsy shop here. :)


Emai said...

those are pretty bookmarks. i used to collect one when i was 'younger' but since i moved abroad and don't have a permanent place, i kind of forgot about it.

Kayni said...

yay, i'm glad you got them. i just got back from vacation, so hopefully, i'll be back blogging soon.