Thursday, May 10, 2012

it's bullet time!

Actually it's a late "bullet time!" announcement, because this activity was done last year.  The film photography group I'm in had so much fun ogling at taking photos of the members of Parkour Manila as they did their stuff. 

Bullet Time Manila, PH

Members of Shutter Revolution, in collaboration with the group Parkour Manila, met and shot a series of film pictures depicting the intricate moves and stunts of Parkour to promote said activity. The still shots are then stitched to form a video that is reminiscent of a Bullet Time effect showing the stunt from every angle.

Shutter Revolution is a community of photography enthusiasts armed with their vintage cameras and plastic cameras loaded with fresh and expired films, intent on capturing everyday moments. The group started out as an online community of less than 20 members on April 10th 2011, blossoming into a membership of 200 by its first year. While able to maintain a strong online presence in the most popular social networks:, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, its main page; Shutter Revolution finds time to organize photowalks, meetups and projects about twice a month.

Music: Everything They Say by Eraserheads

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