Thursday, May 24, 2012

a little push

because sometimes it's difficult writing on a blank page, i made a few doodles on some of my moleskine cahier pages, kiddie stationery-style.  i used my trusty sakura brushpen and j. herbin vert empire ink (my favorite shade of green, diluted with a bit of water) in my sakura koi waterbrush to make the doodles.  i'm thinking now, why didn't i do this before???

and that's it!  i'm thinking of getting a couple more waterbrushes (the koi is cheaper than other brands, and works very well!) and filling them up with other colors (some light golden brown, perhaps, or turquoise?) so i can have some coloring material on the go for the moleskine.  the plain moleskines don't take in watercolor too well, and also have some feathering issues with fountain pens. oh well--here's a good way to keep my moleys, brush pens, and fountain pen inks happy! :)

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