Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kontra-Kontra (2-man show) at Sigwada Gallery

Sigwada Gallery’s initial salvo for 2009 opens on January 10 at 6pm and runs through January 31, 2009. Cocktails will be served as the exhibit closes at 6pm onwards.



tad pagaduan
igé trinidad


As antagonist's anthem dethrones the radiant sunrise of modern mornings, we caress a conscious violator to those who actively thrive on agitating stories, corrupting honor and punctuating imaginary scandals in everything, by which they would naturally expect themselves hailed upon as contemporary gods on their deliberate declaration of distaste and division among societies. Flaw-fetishes devoted in exposing errors for them to heroically put out.

Pseudo heroes, pseudo paradise
The land of empty angst: underneath our nuclear bomb.
However, since we’re crowned and shall always be crowned with self-perceptions, one might merely scoff and insist that such torments are crucial to crucify humanity onto rightful definition; that there is indeed an error somewhere in a system of supposed perfection.
In this case, the show itself, being the anti-torment testimonial that it is, is labeled the torment, fueled by the logic of a notion whereby firing a gun to the gunman who ought not to live, we ought not to live for we mutated into gunmen ourselves by taking the immediate sweetness and benefit of the bullet, the apparatus of notoriety that was opposed as implied. The hero therefore became the villain. Gandhi became Hitler, and most likely, vice versa.

Putting paradox for a face, the show devastates itself with societal armageddon, a conception misconceptualized by another conception; a showdown of ethical beliefs and ethical beliefs; Utopia versus Utopia.

Undressing the theme to a naked, simpler thought bubble, the meaning is simply given, protruding, candidly self-explanatory to naked ear; functional, waxed or deaf; Kontra-Kontra is contradiction against contradiction, against contradicting against, serving with hostile helloes a visual supper of erected middle-fingers for erected middle-fingers.

Finger-lickin' antagonisms,
the various shadows of salvation, the motivation
of the schism.


Sigwada Gallery

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