Monday, December 15, 2008

now it's starting to look a lot like Christmas

hell workweek's finally over! just a few stuff to finish before the year ends (liquidations, photo sorting, blah).

done half of my christmas shopping, thanks in part to the sunday lung center market, our weekly source of ilocos empanada and bulacan tinumis. i got myself an early christmas gift, a very lucky find--it has my name written all over it, and i just can't help but think it was sitting there for me to 'find' it. hahaha. destiny!

i'm too "bubbly" as of the moment to write anything longer than three paragaraphs (i enjoyed doing someone's christmas gift so much my hands are still itching for more). i can however put five photographs in this post. hahaha.

eliza the elliefant (she was the only one of her kind--a 'toy' speaker that connects to any mp3 player/ipod--in that stuffed toy pile; i was even doubting if her headphones/speakers worked. imagine my extreme happiness when they did!)

i didn't know what to name her, so i asked for help. eliza raw, kasi parang di tumatanda. and well, since she is a musical toy, i also remembered eliza doolittle, one of my favorite broadway musical characters (from "my fair lady"). so there, eliza the elliefant.

eliza the elliefant with mr. kite the iguana: sharing the music

she flops! (her tag reads: "iflops. share the tunes!") did a quick research and it turns out that they're called 'i flops Stereo Pets' and sold for almost ten dollars. lemme see. i got her for uh, four dollars? hahaha. merry christmas to me!

miel had a photoshoot yesterday for her birthday invitations. in this photo she looks like one of king mongkut's kids in the (yul brynner) production of "the king and i". her first birthday will be on january 6; the party would be (if i am not mistaken) on january 11. and of course, saving the best for last:

this photo is proof that miel takes after me.

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