Tuesday, December 16, 2008


blogposts are historical documents, i'm making this wishlist public just for the sake of reference. that, on this particular day in this particular year, these are the things i thought would be nice to receive this particular christmas. and yeah, susa did say we've started on my wishlist some months ago (september if i remember correctly), and now, well, i've had more time to actually think. haha. plus i don't know where i put my notebook that contains the list (hint, hint).

so, for the sake of listing (i love lists), here goes my [attainable] material stuff wishlist (emphasis on 'attainable material'):

  1. a lomo lc-a+ camera (wide angle baby! there are available 'colored' ones, and i'd like the orange or blue-green one. hehehe)

  2. notebooks - without lines, or if lined, the not-so darkly-lined ones (i never fill 'em up and i change notebooks as the 'emotional need' arises)

  3. writing materials (ballpoint, pencil, gel, markers...)

  4. 35mm & 120mm film (color slides & negs, b&w)

  5. a good all-weather jacket (doesn't have to be green; i have five green jackets already!)

  6. a sturdy, long-lasting foldable umbrella (provided i don't lose it or leave it in the fx/bus/jeep)

  7. music (we never stop learning)

  8. additional memory for my laptop (so i can reinstall a cs3)

  9. non-mainstream movies, / indie films, documentaries, tv specials, concerts

  10. backpack (my five-year-old army green bobcat is starting to say goodbye)

  11. loose white cotton shirts for fieldwork

  12. earphones for the mp3 player (i always lose/yank to death my earphones)

  13. an external hard drive (320 gig is great; it will last me 'til post-grad studies. hahaha)

  14. a panasonic lumix wide-angle cam, preferably with a minimum 8 mp (uh, still thinking if this is attainable--i've read good reviews on the lx3 model; however price-wise, this is still a bit 'out')

  15. an artwork (open interpretation)

and that's it. as for the non-material ones, there's always world peace and love, good health for all especially my family and friends, peace of mind, happy pets, insatiable curiosity and wonder (may we never fail to dream!) and thursdays.

i sound like the sixties.

no this isn't a wish. i just want to show that i'm getting better and better at making rally-style posters and placards. hahaha.

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