Wednesday, February 25, 2009


sometimes i regret not bringing a camera (breaking the lomo rule 'take your lomo everywhere you go'), even a digital one, because there are days when i see the most interesting things, or things i don't usually see everyday. there are times i wish my eyes could function like a polaroid camera, capturing the image, and seconds later i would stretch out my hand with a printed photograph and i would give it to you, and show how beautiful the world is.

what i saw this morning, on my way to work:

the fairview wet market being dismantled. the gi sheets being peeled off, exposing the beams underneath. the color of rust. i did a mini-ethnography among the flower ladies there. i learned about mums, buttons, stargazers, and the kindness of five-six moneylenders. a new puregold branch would stand in its place.

a construction crane, close-up. something new is being constructed on the corner of edsa and quezon avenue. i like cranes. they make you look up high, and are very fun to watch.

a dilapidated jeepney interior. the one i was riding in had holes on the floor, and i imagined a great big stomp on it would send us all crashing down on the highway pavement. the ceiling's panel was gaping, giving a big open-mouthed smile to the vehicles behind us.

leaves falling with the wind. maybe this is what autumn feels like, only warmer, much warmer. (i told my family i'd like a golden shower tree and a fire tree in the garden, but my mom said it's a pain to keep the terrace tidy with all the falling leaves and flowers. i think it's a small price to pay for something so pretty.) anyway the tree i saw this morning was the one near the ust p. noval gate, and when i passed through i got caught in the falling leaves, and it felt like a nice dream.

a football game. i looked at the scoreboard and saw it was the whitecoats playing, the therapists and aspiring doctors. they were in uniforms of blue, yellow, and green. i'd like to play football someday; something about running on the grass.

security guards wearing really cool, really colorful summer shades. manong japorms with a ready "good morning!" in the bright sun could make anybody, even this rain lover, smile.

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