Tuesday, February 17, 2009

summer in saigon

in the past weeks it has grown warm again, and people around me are already excited about the beach. i'd like to go on a romp by the sand too, play a little volleyball. shoot some sea.

what would make this summer different from the others (in my case), is a trip abroad, my first time away from the country. it seems the vietnam plan is pushing through, thanks to a recently-won award by the office, allowing us to go on a trip for 'staff development' for a change. our office will be 'going with' another group, particularly my mom's (hehehe), for the tour. the more the cheapy-er. yey. hahaha.

there's really something else i want to say, except that i think i'm still too overwhelmed (and too ecstatic) as of the moment. sleeping with a smile on my face is getting to be an effortless habit.

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