Wednesday, February 18, 2009

energizer bunny hits the quarter life

what keeps me going (and going, and going, and going...) is the constant cheering from friends, no matter how toxic we all are. it's all about work, graduate studies, health, lifestyle-related decisions, and other grownup stuff we never thought existed. hahaha. cheers to us. we are all rockstars.

mygulay. thoughts of getting old. when i was in high school i thought i'd be married by now, have a kid in a couple of years. my mom had two kids already (me! me!) when she was my age. yes, of course, yes, times have changed, hindi na P8.00 ang pamasahe sa dyip mula bahay hanggang uste. transportation, food, services, education, mr. chips, overall cost of living...the price is right, we're going down. [i know i shouldn't find happiness in others' misfortunes, but somehow, with all the lay-offs and depression-era panic, i am glad i have a job, and, in a way, no family of my own (yet) to take care of.] and i am turning twenty-five in two weeks. woohoo.

tomorrow will be the big office activity day. that means that today, i almost bit off somebody's head. 'almost' because i remembered i didn't want to spend my birthday in jail for first-degree murder. i have learned to accept that there are people who exist only to prove that common sense isn't so common (yes, i am a meanie today). since i wanted to spare myself the hypertension, i counted to ten lots of times instead.

in this story yellow calls out to rrred, who saves her every time.

and here, more images that make me smile so much my cheeks hurt. honk honk.

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