Tuesday, February 24, 2009

today's bus ride

featured an unknown luggage.

every morning i almost always take the bus on my way to work. i go for a seat by the right-side window (when seated), because even if the sun is initially on that side, east is really on the other side. and i like sitting by the window. period. for this morning, all of the right-side window seats have already been occupied, except for the last row. so i went to the back. a big black and yellow sports bag sat at the floor of the last row behind the right-side window. i sat at the center seat. it had a nice view of the bus. hahaha. as more people started coming in, i edged myself closer to the window, avoiding the luggage. the bus started to fill up, standing-room only. someone noticed the bag and told me to give it to him so he could put it at the space behind us. i said it wasn't mine; must be the driver's. he took it anyway, and placed it behind the last-row seats. the freed-up foot space allowed a mid-aged lady to sit beside me. all good.

now, every time i ride the bus, when i pay for my fare,the conductor usually asks if i'm a student. i say i'm not--but only when he/she asks. i don't really know the standard/regular fare, as bus companies differ (which is weird, really) in charging passengers (my fare can go from twenty-five to thirty pesos). if i were a student, i'd be sure to say so, for the discount. anyway. as the conductor reached our part of the bus, she asked the other passengers near us for help in passing our fare. i handed over mine, "ust galing don jose", and the guy who took my money added "student" to the conductor, and i said "hindi na po." "ay, di raw estudyante." i was charged twenty-five pesos. then, the lady beside me gave hers. "malvar, estudyante." HUH? okay, i thought, maybe she is still a student, but, erm, she looked like she was well on her way through her third (if not fourth) five-year course. really. she looks like an old auntie, only she had a wedding ring (i checked). dang. mygulay.

oh, and the luggage belonged to a guy from the second to the last row to the left. how nice of him to inconvenience others, right? i wanted to say "ser, muntik na pagkamalan naming bomba ang laman niyan."

what's good about all this? i'm charmed they think i'm still a student.


in a few minutes i'll be taking a written exam for hr purposes. uh-huh.


i've been thinking about what to do for my birthday. i want to have friends over the house again. game night maybe. hahaha.

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